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Pearson English STORY Readers

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Presenting a collection of the world’s all-time favourite children’s stories, Pearson English Story Readers are perfect for use in the classroom or at home with young learners. Older children typically have more experience in learning and reading in their own language than younger ones, yet they don’t necessarily have a greater knowledge of English. With this in mind, Pearson English Story Readers present timeless stories in different book formats to best suit different age groups. This way, you can find the ideal book for your classroom – matched perfectly to your students’ age and level of English.

• Beautifully illustrated throughout, these classic tales are particularly successful for classroom reading with children of any age.

• Within each of the four levels available, choose from titles aimed at three age ranges: 5–7, 7–9 and 9–11 years.

• At each level, Pearson English Story Readers are available in 3 book formats. Younger children will benefit from larger-sized books with fewer words on each page. Older children will use a smaller format more suited to their age.


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