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Pearson English Kids Readers

Inspire children with the joy of reading

CEFR: pre A1-B1 | GSE: 16 - 48

Pearson English Readers

For the joy of reading!

CEFR: A1-C1 | GSE: 23 - 83

Pearson English ACTIVE Readers

Activating language learning through reading

CEFR: A1 - B2 | GSE: 23-60

Pearson English STORY Readers

Sharing the pleasure of classic stories – mat

CEFR: pre A1 - B1+| GSE: 20-53

Black Cat English

Get Glued to the Languge with Graded Reades

Black Cat CIDEB Deutsch

Klebe and der sprache

Black Cat CIDEB Français

Les histories scotchent

Black Cat CIDEB Espanol

Historias que atrapan

A1 - C1