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The most flexible course for Cambridge Exams

Formula is our new three-level Cambridge English exam preparation series for teens and young adults. It works equally well for both extensive and intensive courses and covers B1 Preliminary, B2 First, and C1Advanced levels.
Formula offers different teaching and learning paths to create a perfect fit for a range of scenarios – for short and long exam courses, for intensive to extensive exam preparation goals, from face-to face learning to fully online teaching and learning contexts.
Available in both print and digital formats, and used alongside a range of digital resources, Formula enables teachers to deliver dynamic print to fully digital courses of different lengths and addressing a range of student needs.
How to use Formula for 30 hours:
How to use Formula for 50 hours:
How to use Formula for 80 hours:
How to use Formula for 100+ hours:


Seria completă
  • niveluri: 3
  • Clasă: 30 - 100+
  • Nivel de limbă: B1-C1